Are You Frustrated With Your Lack of Progress or Struggling To Get Lessons on a Regular Basis?

35% of pupils feel the need to change driving instructor

"Learning to drive can be a very frustrating experience and you can waste hundreds of pounds if your tuition is not effective." "Do you ever get to the end of your lessons and feel that you haven’t actually learnt anything,  the reality is - that you probably haven’t."
Chris Parker

Driving School Owner and Instructor

"A friend recommended that I should change instructors and learn with Chris . I had previously been learning with another school and lessons with Chris were brilliant in comparison - I really enjoyed them." "I'd had a very bad experience with one of the big national driving schools and Chris helped me start over again.  I learned more in the first three lessons with Chris than I did in 10 lessons with my old instructor!" "I would definitely recommend Chris to friends and family as his teaching methods were really good, helpful and easy to understand."
Jack Leach

Passed First Time

6 Things your driving instructor should be doing


Does your driving instructor arrive on time for at least 90% of lessons?


Does your driving instructor always recap the previous lesson to agree strengths and weaknesses? - (What do you remember from the last lesson)


Does your driving instructor always state firm lesson objectives as to what you will be learning during the current lesson and what you will be trying to achieve? - (It is vital that you know exactly what you are trying to learn in the current lesson)


Does your driving instructor teach in a non confrontational manner or just shout and complain when you make mistakes? – (Does your instructor prevent most errors by checking what you are going to do before you make a mistake?)


Does your driving instructor help and guide you with feedback and encouragement or let you make lots of mistakes which leads to lack of confidence? - (Does your instructor analyse why mistakes were made and does he praise you when you succeed?)


Does your driving instructor finish the lesson with a recap of what has been learnt and does he/she ask questions to check your understanding? - (Statistics show that what you discuss during the last 5 minutes of your lesson will stay with you and reinforce your understanding)

How Many Boxes Would Your Current Instructor Tick?

“I came to Chris having had a poor experience with another instructor.  Chris’s years of experience shone through and I appreciated his more flexible approach to teaching and being treated like an adult.  A very calm and reassuring instructor,  Chris was professional and approachable.  I passed first time and would personally recommend Chris”
Alison Crawford


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